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    Frequently Asked Questions

    I am on medication or receiving other treatment, is massage or reflexology suitable for me?

    Massage and reflexology is usually safe and helpful alongside any other medical or therapeutic interventions you have going on. However, before we get started we’ll do a full consultation so you can be confident you’ll be getting the right care. Contact me to arrange a conversation.

    How regularly should I get a massage or reflexology treatment?

    Massage and reflexology, like most healthy practices, are best taken regularly. We don’t tend to eat one salad, or take one bath and decide we’re done for the year! I recommend monthly sessions, and to help with this have a membership in place offering treatments at reduced rates.  If you come for a one-off massage or reflexology treatment and then decide to join reflexology for menopause, reflexology for stressed women or massage for stressed women, I’ll deduct the cost of your initial session.

    Do you offer gift vouchers?

    I do offer gift vouchers. They can be made out to any amount and used as full or part payment for any of my packages, membership or circle.

    I can’t come to midLife circle every month, is that okay?

    Yes. We usually gather in circle once every month, but it isn’t a course: you don’t need to have come to any of the other sessions. The atmosphere at circle is warm and welcoming, whether you’ve never been before or have attended every single one.

    Where are you based?

    I am based in York. Massage and reflexology happens at my home treatment room, and the midLife circle is hosted at a nearby pilates studio. A map with locations is below.

    My Home Treatment Room

    Huntington Road, York, YO31 8RL

    Circle Gathering

    Devonshire Court, York