Massage, reflexology and connection for women* in midlife

Midlife is when it all kicks off.

Body changes. Brain fog. Being needed by EVERYONE: children, parents, work, the dog, the neighbours, the school PTA. Layer upon layer of expectations. The relentless daily grind. The thanklessness of holding it all together. Unseen and exhausted. Full of rage (when there’s the energy for rage).

That’s my experience, and I know I’m not alone. I also know there’s more to it…

Midlife: a time to shake off old fears and shoulds.

To connect back with who you are now. To stop giving a damn about what society says you should be, and start thinking about who you want and need to be.

That’s my experience too.

Massage and reflexology won’t overthrow the patriarchy. But it can give you a sense of yourself back. It can ease the physical and emotional strains of menopause and stress, giving you space to breathe and come back to life. And that’s a damn good start.

*women includes both cis and trans women, and non-binary folk are also welcome

Feel better in menopause

Reflexology for menopause is a holistic, bespoke package of treatments, support and resources to ease your emotional and physical symptoms and get you connected to what you need at this time of bodily and emotional chaos. Menopause isn’t a disease, but neither do you have to put up with feeling crap all the time.

Feel calmer & more energised

Stress and emotional exhaustion can manifest in so many different ways: pain, digestive issues, anxiety, insomnia and headaches...Massage and reflexology lowers your stress levels, leaving you feeling calmer, healthier, more able to cope (and maybe less willing to put up with other people’s shit!)

Connect with others that get it

A monthly gathering with other women to vent, listen, explore, rest, learn. A safe and restorative place to speak freely on what’s holding you back, grinding you down or filling you with rage.

As well as laughing, dreaming, and eating lots of cake.

These are the things I want for you, whether we meet for reflexology, massage or circle:

  • To have space for yourself
  • To be seen, heard and understood
  • To feel better, physically and emotionally
  • To be more connected to who you really are and what you really need

Get in touch

Whether you have questions on my work or would like to check my availability, I’d love to hear from you.